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I Love Weddings! :’)

Marriage is such a beautiful thing! It really is an emblem to represent God’s love to us!

Myself and Pianist, Christina were honoured to perform at a beautiful couple’s (Nikeisha & Reyane) wedding this August.


IMG_2302We was asked to sing a set of songs for the Church Ceremony.
– Moved By You – India Aire
– Rainbow Maker – Joey Kimble
– Im Sure It’s You – Shelea Frazier
– Finally I – Darryl Coley


Each song has a beautiful message to deliver. Here is what we recorded during rehearsals. Filmed by Amarra.
Im Sure It’s You

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!!

*Love Never Fails* *Love Has No Fear*

Reggae Icons

Reggae Icons was formed in the later 2013 and launched on April 12th 2014. The concept was founded by my Dad, Matik. Ever since my sister has joined the Magic of Motown theatre UK Tour company, we have witnessed the growth and popularity of the show and thought it would be a good Idea to create a Reggae version.

We have set up a band of up to 12+ musicians and singers and have already taken part in numerous events. The weekly rehearsals have allowed us to pick out our repertoire and to find the suitable singers to represent the genre.

My role in the Reggae Icons team is as a Singer (Janet Kay), Backing Singer and Manager. I also chose Reggae Icons as my study for my final major University project.

You can find out more about Reggae Icons by checking out their site at – /