Peace with God

Peace With God
I was listening to a sermon by Joyce Meyer and gained some reminders and useful tips on being at Peace with God & yourself.
How can we have more peace with God?
  • Be quick to repent. There is no point in trying to hide something from God because He knows it all anyways. In Psalms 32 David talks about the state he was in before he repented and after he repented.
  • Don’t be angry with God because things didn’t work out the way you wanted. Just remember, Life is not fair, but God is just.
  • Stop trying to figure everything out. The more we try to figure everything out the more confused we can get. Get comfortable with saying, yes, no or I don’t know. Leave it in God’s hands. We won’t and don’t know everything. God does that. That is why we know Him. He has an appointed time for our breakthrough!
  • Be at peace with yourself. Embrace you and how God made you.  Psalms 139:14
How can you have more peace with yourself?
  • Don’t take an inventory or everything that’s wrong with you. Face your faults but don’t focus on them – Hebrews 12:1-2
  • Fight back the enemy. Whenever the enemy reminds you of all you failures, thank him because now you can be extra thankful for how God has forgiven you!
  • Stop putting you confidence in outward things. Gain your confidence because you’re a Child of God and God Loves You! Not by how much you have, how you look, a position you have, education etc.
  • Stop determining your worth and value based on how people treated you in life. 
  • Stop letting other people run your life and learn to be lead by the Spirit. Listen to what God says about you in His word not what others say.
  • Let go of the past and press towards the future. You can’t change what has happened in your past but you can change what happens today onwards.

Psalm 119:165

Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.