M.M.P.A.T        TRAINING Courses (Scroll down for more below)

M.M.P.A.T Courses are aimed at individuals and groups endeavouring within the Music Entertainment and Multimedia industry.

The Programs have combined current modern trending elements and incorporated them into various Training platforms, for which we have which we have recruited qualified and experienced Tutors. We currently offer Courses in the following Specialities:-

1. Guitar Lessons:
For people who want to combine guitar playing with their singing or songwriting skills; these lessons are designed to get you to a confident stage (i.e. where you can play your instrument in front of an audience). Lessons will provide books and resources to help you reach your potential..
Course Outline:
Introduction to the Guitar
- Chord Progression - Guitar Exercises - Composition - Guitar theory.
For more information, Contact us via email with your requirements.

2. Piano Lessons:
Our Piano Lessons are designed to enhance the skills and understanding using piano techniques. The course is aimed at beginners to intermediate. Lessons will take you through learning piano with music theory starting at Grade 1 or your desired grade. Course Outline:
- An Introduction to the Piano - Music Theory - Piano Exercises and Technique
- Learning to read Sheet music.
For more information (e.g. one-one tuition) please email us with your requirements.

3. Vocals (Harmonies & Voice-overs)...
We offer an exclusive services when it comes to Vocals, i.e:-
• Singing Lessons
• Studio Session Work – Lead/backing vocals/voice-overs
• Live session work
We give professional training and add relevant techniques in every practical area. Lessons are aimed at all who have voice ears that we can train, As awell as for those who look to raise their voice control and singing ability to a higher standard. By the end of the course all should be able to perform confidently publically and use their vocals in different ways as well as harmonising. For more information, (ie. 1 hour one to one sessions), please email us with your requirements.

4. Audio Engineering and Music Production Training...
This course is aimed at people who are at the beginners or intermediate stage of Music Production and want to enhance their skill, knowledge and understanding. Our music production course is consisted of giving you hands on approach of producing your own music using The Apple Mac based Logic ProThis course will aim to broaden your skills and knowledge of carrying out effective music producing to save time and money all-round.
Course Outline:
Introduction to the modern Recording Studios; Music Studio Software Programming; Miding, Mixing and Mastering; Audio Engineering; Building a Track etc..
During the course we also brief; An introduction to the music business, (covering Copyright, Royalties and Publishing issues, etc. as well as Marketing and Distribution).
Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate which will go in favour of your CV and reference. For more information, (i.e. one-one tuition etc), email us with your requirements.

5. Graphics and Web Development...
We offer training in designing and creating materials such as Posters and Leaflets for Events, Business Cards Picture Document and Software editing for Websites etc. We provide an efficient skills training service to our students who are interested in Promotion and advertising, as well as developing and maintaining their own websites etc. We utilise software from Apple, Adobe, Macromedia, as well as Microsoft and can demonstrate years of practical experience in Website development.
We aim to attract interested individuals, of any occupation, (i.e. Artist/Musician, Self Employed; Companies in need of an informative website). We offer the service that you need for a formal presence on the Internet, if we can assist you, sign-up today and get started on your new website. For more information, including one to one sessions, contact us via email.


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