Riddmmatik are a musical family specialising in Creativity, Communications and Performing Arts. Operations are managed by TrUfUll Singers; Professional Performers in the Music, Entertainment and  I.T Business Sectors.

'R'Icon LogoGregory Isaac's Tribute Album!'

Productions are planned and crafted in the Studio and well underway is our recordings of various Icons 'Tribute' Albums.. Check out Matik's 'Slavemaster' video (opposite)!  

'Upcoming soon' is Reggae Icons 'Promo Video Shoot' Production, date and venue etc., to be.confirmed. You can email:
admin@ reggaeicons.co.uk,
for regular updates etc. Meanwhile....

'TrUfUll Gospel-Ministry!'

 Watch this space for the 'soon-coming' new
'Gospel-medley' Album
! from TrUfUll;

Productions are already well underway! Check out the 'Watch-night' video opposite for a Live sample!

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Music, Multimedia & Performing Arts Training

M.M.P.A.T. is under active development and is a training initiative, primarily aimed at young people, as well as the disadvantaged. Operating as a community skill centred concept, it offers personalised professional training on advanced techniques in Music, Multimedia and Performing Arts ...

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Video Archives

Matik sings 'Gregory' 'SLAVEMASTER'

​ TrUfUll Gospel Ministry@Elim - T/Heath (31/12/16)

'Reggae Icons Story' Episode 1