Riddimmatik are a musical family specialising in Creativity, Music and Communications. The Organisation is Managed by TrUfUll Singers and our Specialities are within the Music, Entertainment and Information Technology Business Sectors; 

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Current & Upcoming is our Promo Video Shoot! Production, Date and Venue t.b.a. You can Contact us via email (admin@ reggaeicons.co.uk), for updates etc.

         Also; watch this space for our next big Project,

the new

'TrUfUll Gospel-Medley Album!'

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(Music, Multimedia & Performing Arts Training)

        M.M.P.A.T is another of our new development Objectives; Primarily aimed at young people and the disadvantaged, it is a community skill centred concept, offering personalised training on advanced  techniques, in the areas of Music,Multimedia and Performing Arts ...

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