3.TrUfUll “Reppin’ Croydon-College”

Trufull Story Pt.1 TrUfUll (featuring Smallzie)

@The UK Inter-College Vocal Search (Talent Competition)

TrUfUll was formed in @2006, by Amarra and Shanice initially to compete in the UK wide Inter-College Vocal Search Talent Competition which took place in late-Spring 2008. Representing Croydon College, at this time, TrUfUll also featured another Student, female rapper Smallzie (a.k.a. Andrea Oakley). Together 3-4 original songs were written and performed, first of which was entitled; ”Thats Wot Friends Are For’, this won them through the first round, (You can preview a clip of the show here!)!

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This popular competition was Organised by ‘Estate of the Arts’ and hosted by the late Pioneer of UK Talent Competitons Tony Lee. Although not the outright Winner, TrUfUll cruised through the remaining heats, ending up amongst the runners-up, in the Grand Final as depicted (see below)…

TrUfUll (featuring Smallzie) @ The Grand FinalYou can Preview a video clip of  TrUfUll’s Performance here!

 Below are Some of the other heats’ Flyers!  Click one to View it enlarged!

 Flyer (Heat 3) Tony Lee's "Inter-College-Vocal-Search"

Click above to enlarge…

 Flyer (Heat 2) Tony Lee's "Inter-College-Vocal-Search"

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